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Planned Giving Bequest and Marketing Manual

IDS provides every client with a comprehensive written Planned Giving Bequest & Marketing Manual that contains all of the policies, procedures and forms that are needed for your planned giving program.

This Bequest & Planned Giving Marketing Manual is one the important features that distinguishes IDS's service from other consultants. With our Marketing Manual you have:

  • A fully-documented system that provides guidance on all aspects of planned gift development.

  • A system that minimizes the damaging effects of staff turnover, which sometimes delays development activities for months.

  • A system that everyone -- staff, board and management -- can easily understand and follow.

  • A planned giving program that is system-dependent, not person-dependent. This means that staff can be highly-effective without being planned giving experts.

  • A management tool that helps ensure a high level of quality control in donor development and stewardship.