Fundraising Tips

Utilizing Planned Giving Resources That Build Long Term Relationships with Your Donors

Integrated Development Solutions provides innovative out of the box techniques with tried and true fundraising strategies to get donors to leave your organization in their estate plan.

IDS is dedicated to helping our clients pursue their passion for helping others by providing well-designed, easy-to-use planned giving tools that help meet extraordinary goals faster, and easier. We design all of those tools ourselves.

IDS began over 30 years ago testing and marketing its innovative concepts in planned giving to donors with international and national health organizations, child abuse agencies, and hospitals. Today, we are pleased to help rescue missions, food banks, hospice programs, and numerous other charitable agencies across the country to meet their fundraising goals.

While we strive to be progressive, we don't mind being a little old fashioned too. We still believe developing relationships face-to-face, telling stories of your successes and giving an impassioned ask for help person-to-person, are the keys that will help you achieve your goals. In addition, our direct marketing programs are designed to cultivate and educate your entire donor base with creative cost-effective materials.